Rock wool tube shell Rock wool tube shell Glass wool tube shell Glass wool tube shell Aluminum silicate tube shell

Langfang Zhengsheng Thermal Insulation Building Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of thermal insulation materials such as rock wool. The company is located in China's thermal insulation material production base, Dacheng County, Hebei Province. Its products are mainly used in construction, steel structures, pipelines, power plants and other fields. Relying on advanced technical forces, equipped with modern production equipment, following scientific production processes, strictly in accordance with international technical standards, and providing excellent services to customers with high performance and high quality products. The main products produced by Langfang Zhengsheng Thermal Insulation Building Materials Co., Ltd. are rock wool tube shell, glass wool tube shell, aluminum silicate tube shell and other thermal insulation building materials and chemical products. Complete variety and good quality.

Zhengsheng has advanced quality control system with advanced production technology and equipment. Excellent products, superb technology and scientific management meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. Excellent product quality makes our products sold to Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia and other countries and regions.

The company's general manager and all employees will provide customers with products and services with rigorous working attitude and full enthusiasm.

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Langfang Zhengsheng Thermal Insulation Building Material Co., Ltd. Mobile: 15713369899
Phone: 0316-3281799 3281899
Fax: 0316-5783618
Address: Dacheng County, Hebei Province

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